What is Componability? Well, States has it.

Componability means anything from pre-cut, machined panels for fully machined and prefinished cabinet boxes, carcass assemblies, cabinet skins and backs, to end panels. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also get completely machined and prefinished drawer box components, drawer fronts, loose fixtures and flat panel doors.

Custom components customers include companies with no manufacturing capability that design, assemble and market components manufactured for them. Some of the custom component products that States Industries has produced include:

  • Cabinet end panels
  • Cabinet door inserts
  • Store fixture assemblies
  • Cash wraps
  • Perimeter fixtures
  • Shelving and shelving systems
  • Dormitory furniture
  • Architectural installations

Fast, efficient, easy

Componability offers you the opportunity to make your production so efficient that it frees up more time for more profitable work. And with the assurance of clearly defined prices for every component, you know you are making money on every project you bid.