A Perfect Finish Every Time

NOVA Ultraviolet Cured Flatline Finish

High-quality, beautiful NOVA® flatline finishes bring out the natural warmth of real wood-grain surfaces. Hardwood panels prefinished with NOVA UV-cured coatings are ready to be fabricated without additional surface treatment. This saves time, lowers costs and ensures a consistent, durable finish.

NOVA finishes are available in a wide range of options and can be combined as needed for specific applications.

  • NOVA. Choose from clear, translucent and opaque finishes in a range of gloss levels; precise custom color matching is also available.
  • NOVA SI. This antimicrobial finish utilizes silver ion technology to safely and naturally neutralize microbes, pathogens and bacteria.
  • NOVAPeak. Available in 10 stock colors and four popular species, allowing you to purchase high - quality panels in smaller quantities.
  • NOVALab. Laboratory-grade prefinished panels with extraordinary chemical resistance properties; SEFA certified for laboratory use.