Custom Panels Built to Your Specifications

Every part of a States panel can be created to match your precise specifications. Whether you need small quantities suitable for a custom remodel or large quantities for use in commercial applications, you can have confidence specifying States panels for your next project. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows you to customize every detail about your panel, from the substrate to the veneer species to the color and unique properties of its NOVA finish.

Substrates Engineered to Match Every Application

ApplePly Hardwood Panels

ApplePly is specified for its attractive edge, high strength and solid hardwood core. It is widely used in retail fixtures, contemporary furniture and architectural interiors, where its attractive edge is incorporated as a design element.

Armorcore Hardwood Panels

ArmorCore combines composite crossbands with veneer innerplies to produce an exceptionally flat, smooth surface. Specify ArmorCore when your panel needs to have the weight, structural value and screw-holding ability of veneer core with the superior flatness and higher density of MDF.


Veneer Core Panels may be laminated in one step for maximum economy or constructed and sanded to a metered tolerance. Veneer Core Panels are lightweight, high in dimensional stability and bending strength and hold screws better than most other substrates.


Composite Core Panels include particleboard and MDF of several densities. Composite cores are valued for their flat, smooth surfaces and tight tolerances, as well as their relatively low costs.